Six Snow Blowing Tips To Improve Efficency

When a heavy snowfall is in the forecast, follow these snow blowing tips to improve efficiency. 

Prepare Your Sidewalk and Driveway Before Snowfall

Preparing your sidewalk and driveway before snowfall will save time and prevent injuries. Place markers around your sidewalk and driveway, so you’ll know where they are located. Make sure the hose, bicycles and toys are placed in the garage. Remove rocks and extension cords that could be in the way of the snow blower.   

Get New Gas For Your Snow Blower

Always use new fuel for your snow blower. Gas that is over 90 days old will deteriorate and cause a snow blower to have starting or running problems. Do not use gas containing more than 10% ethanol in your Honda snow blower.

Add Fuel Stabilizer To the Gas

Add Honda Fuel Stabilizer to the new gas in the snow blower fuel tank when filling up. After adding Honda Fuel Stabilizer to the gas for the first time, run the snow blower engine outdoors for ten minutes.

Use Snow Blower in Smaller Widths When Clearing Deep Snow

If you are clearing hard or deep snow, clear a narrower swath. Walk your Honda snow blower in overlapping rows. This is much easier on the snow blower’s engine. It also helps significantly to avoid clogs in the snow blower chute.

Refuel With Care

Gas is highly flammable and explosive. If your snow blower runs out of gas while in use, turn the snow blower engine off and let it cool for at least fifteen minutes before refueling. Refuel outdoors in a well ventilated area with the snow blower engine off. Refer to the Honda Owner’s Manual for all safety and operating instructions. 

Blow Snow At Six Inches

If the forecast is predicting a heavy snowfall, start blowing the snow at six inches. It is easier on the snow blower and it decreases the height of the snow bank. It’s much easier to blow six inches of snow twice than twelve inches of snow once.

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