Differences In 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke Engines in Escanaba, MI

Advantages of Honda 4-Stroke Trimmers

One of the most disliked parts of lawn maintenance is trimming, and for good reason. Historically, trimmers are heavy, the smell of burning gas is overwhelming, and grass gets all over you. There’s not a lot you can do about getting grass on your clothes except to be more careful when you trim. However, with Honda’s 4-stroke engines, you can make trimming a more pleasant job. 


There are a couple of reasons that Honda’s 4-stroke engines are better than 2-stroke engines when it comes to fuel. When you use a 2-stroke engine, you have to mix gas and oil – and in the correct proportions – adding a step to an already sometimes tedious job. With 4-stroke engines, however, you don’t have to mix, because they use only straight unleaded gasoline. 

The design means that you use fuel more efficiently, and that means you spend less money on lawn maintenance. Honda tested the HHT25 against a 2-stroke competitor, and you’ll be amazed at the results. These savings are based on an average of $3.00/gallon of gasoline, $0.27/oz for oil, and using a 50:1 mix of gas and oil in the 2-stroke engine. 

Running Time (hours) - 100

Honda HHT25 Fuel Cost - $45.40

Competitor Fuel Cost - $92.40

Savings - $47.00

Running Time (hours) - 200

Honda HHT25 Fuel Cost - $90.80

Competitor Fuel Cost - $184.80

Savings - $94.00

Running Time (hours) - 300

Honda HHT25 Fuel Cost - $136.20

Competitor Fuel Cost - $277.20

Savings - $141.00


4-stroke engines don’t just save you money, though. They are lighter, so you’ll be able to work more quickly and be less tired when you’re finished with your lawn. Traditional 2-stroke engines also have higher vibratation. If you’re like many people and have carpal tunnel syndrome or something else that is irritated by vibrations, you’ll quickly forget spending the next day recuperating from the aches that come after using a 2-stroke trimmer.

Even better, the cleaner-running engine means that you won’t have to deal with the traditional smell of burning oil and gas, and it runs more quietly. 

So instead of listening to the raspy sound of a 2-stroke engine, smelling gas/oil burn, and carrying around heavy vibrating equipment, you’ll be in relative comfort with the 4-stroke engine. 

Quicker, More Efficient Work

When you eliminate mixing oil and gas, your worktime is already cut. There are other time-saving advantages of the 4-stroke engine. 4-stroke engines start more reliably, shaving more minutes off your lawn work. And because the engine works in any position, you can easily adjust quickly to cut even the steepest slope without losing time. 

Honda makes two 4-stroke engines for trimmers: the GX25 and GX35. While the two engines have slightly different specifications, they’re both designed with your time and comfort in mind. When you use a 4-stroke engine, you’ll love it.